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Respite Care/ Companion/ Escort Relief Care

Trinity Health Care Services, LLC. offers respite care services providing temporary relief for caregivers who primarily take care of the patient. Respite care helps assure that the patient is safe at all times and relieves the primary caregiver from becoming overwhelmed. Respite care services are available for days and weeks at a time.
Respite / Escort / Companion: Help clients who need supportive services and desires social stimulation, engagement, and activities. Clients who need one to one supervision for safety reasons.
  • Accompany patient for walk
  • Reading, talking, and indoor outdoor activity
  • Meal planning/ preparation
  • Join clients wherever they may want to go, such as shopping, grocery store, social activities, and hobbies
  • Breakfast/ lunch/ dinner/ snacks
  • Assist with feeding or serving meals
  • Transfer/ assist ambulation/ positioning
  • Elimination/ empty urine bag/ feminine needs
  • Social interaction/ emotional support
  • Toilet/ bedpan/ bedside commode/ change diaper
  • Assist client with toileting
  • Assist with self-administered meds

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