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Vocational School

Founded in 1997, The Trinity Vocational School, Inc. has been dedicated to providing a high-quality learning environment to a diverse community. This institution provides various educational and training opportunities, with student success as our highest priority. Our mission is to promote accessibility, excellence, partnership-building, economic advancement, and lifelong learning for students interested in becoming certified to perform home health care services.

In addition, Trinity provides continuing education or in-service courses to aid our nursing staff to meet their licensure and certification requirements. Currently, the classes are being offered at our Miramar office location. Please see below for a list of all in-services courses offered at the Trinity Vocational School.

Home Health Aide Class- $375/2 weeks

Upon completion of the home-health aide class, students will be able to do the following:

  • Demonstrate application of basic math skills and knowledge of science
  • Exhibit effective verbal and written communication
  • Understand how to render care in a legal and ethical manner
  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic emergency care
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of human anatomy and physiology
  • Perform effective comfort and safety measures
  • Perform appropriate personal care and nursing procedures
  • Apply basic nutrition principles to individual patients
  • Care for geriatric patients
  • Apply the principles of Standard Precautions and other infection-control measures
  • Provide physical and social support to patients
  • Exhibit effective patient management with supervision of a nurse or other healthcare provider
  • Follow the patient’s plan of care
  • Assist with restorative and rehabilitative activities
  • Demonstrate desirable job skills
  • Exhibit a general understanding of blood-borne pathogens and communicable diseases


To prepare students for the healthcare industry and provide job skills that will increase their chances of success. Upon completion of the program and meeting all course requirements, the student will be issued a certificate of completion.


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